I'm Coming Up Tomorrow

Has anyone seen Ringo? Anything sounds good over 'Tomorrow Never Knows'. I hope this make my case.

I'm a Wave

Ja Rule, Jennifer Lopez & the Beach Boys make perfect sense together. 'Catch a Wave' is in D major and J. Lo's 'I'm Real' happens to be in the relative minor. So when you put them together you get a nice match. more »

Tear The Lips Off

Go-Go's guitarist Jane Wiedlin wrote this with British musician Terry Hall, who was lead singer of The Specials. more »

I Wonder if I Was Dead

Boyce & Hart were talented session writers for a lot of 'aware' '60's teen pop. Frequent guest stars on shows like 'I Dream of Jeannie', 'Be-Witched' & The Partridge Family.
The Notorious B.I.G. was really into the show 'Be-Witched'.

Like a Shoe Gazer

'Soon' by My Bloody Valentine is a personal favorite of mine. When looking for a suitable match up I thought a Madonna selection would be hysterical. more »

Wire to the Wizzo

I really do love Wire. And I think Mr. Jay Z is talented. The similarities are far too numerous to list here. Making this mash-up was a sort of 'response' to Elastica stealing a riff from a Wire song.