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Remix Master

Peter Ducharme
Composer and DJ

Peter Ducharme, aka Master Cylinder, got his tag while doing dance remixes for bands like Star Ghost Dog, The Flying Nuns, and The Gravel Pit. The Boston-based DJ uses Mac technology for all his work, including his most recent gig—creating music for TV commercials. You’ll hear Ducharme’s tune in the latest VW Jetta commercial, in which a couple driving through New Orleans’ French Quarter find that their car and everything around them are in eerie synch with the song playing on their radio.

Frames from VW commercial.

Peter Ducharme

Ducharme uses ProTools and Avid software on his Power Macintosh 9600. “I can import a QuickTime movie of the ad, which the editor gives me, then move right along with the picture to create the music,” he says. He finds Mac technology more cost-effective, faster, and easier to create with than PC options. In fact, he just bought a new tangerine iMac. “Macintosh is really the ultimate in audio and video,” he says. “I mean, what are those Microsoft commercials edited on, anyway?”


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